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By Guest
Just wondering. I haven't been kayaking for very long. How do you go to the bathroom in a kayak? Or do you hold it in til you reach shore? Or those with a wet butt kayak, do you just go like surfers do?

When I fish, I love a good breakfast in the morning with plenty of coffee to warm me up. Naturally on the party boats I go to the restroom maybe even 3 times before we finally hook up with some fish.

So you guys talking about being out there for 6 hours, how do you do it?

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By Flavio
Ah the restroom question, I wondered when someone would ask. If you're a male and can't get out of the boat...scupper holes are great. Just lean on the opposite side and the hole will drain when you're finished. If female, you got me. I guess you pee yourself and jump in the water first chance. For the other have to go moments, well, that's a whole different private matter. Anyone care to take that one?
By cheezAG_03
If you're fishing sand or shell, find a spot with depth where you know you can get back in your kayak. Hop out and proceed. I wear swimsuit type shorts and so for #1 you have the option of pulling down or just letting it fly. For #2 you gotta pull down the pants. Just act like you're wading.
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By DaveR
Scupper Holes. Man's best friend. :wink:
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By Mrs Backlasher
A while back someone responded to a similar thread with this:

An SOT coffee can? :shock: :lol:

Mrs. B
By thrasher
Pay a visit to your local duck blind.
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By Mrs Backlasher

I'd like to read your copy of the book when you're finished with it.

That is, if it still has any pages! :lol:

Mrs. B
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By Texan
I see potential in this thread :lol:

Cat bag with cat litter!

Actually I will paddle to land, somewhere where I can stand up and stretch the legs as well.
If ya gotta go - go. Scupper holes can be flushed with a bucket. I don't do it more than six times per outing.

If, on the other cheek, business is more, ah, pressing I do the following: Anchor boat, drop laundry in waist deep water and jettison cargo while slowly walking away and holding laundry around knees with one hand, while using other to maintain balance under way. Now, make certain that the direction you crab walk in, is the direction that carries away your cargo. Key word - Away!

Maybe comical and silly as this sounds, this is a serious problem and must be addressed.

If you go as often as I do, kayaking that is, the law of averages says it will happen to you. Be prepared, before the ah, festivities begin, know the away from you direction... TP is unnecessary as you are in the big bidet.
By SemperFly
Being a Marine and having defecated all over the world (Saddams Gold Toilet in the Palace) I have to agree with the "Pinch and Crabwalk" that TIN posted. If not head to a spoil bank, and might I suggest baby wipes, ahhhhhhh. They also take off the grime at the end of the day and can be kept in a ziploc bag in your dry storage. Dont knock the power of the baby wipe! But please, if your gonna poo poo on an island have a heart and dig a cat hole.
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By Mrs Backlasher
TIN! I laughed so hard my sides ache! :shock:

That's the funniest thing I've ever seen you post!!! :lol:

Mrs. B
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By CaptAbel
Kayaking is a wet sport....and after a few beers who cares. :lol:
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By Coastal
Ya'll crack me up. Just paddle over to the bank, get out and take care of business.

Thrasher, I'll make you a deal, don't make a "deposit" in my duckblind and I won't make a "deposit" in your kayak's front hatch. :lol:
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By CaptJack
since I paddle a SINK I have a 2-liter soda bottle with the top cut off that I use as a bailing bottle. I also piss into it and pour it over the side.
I also carry a waterproof stow bag up under my bow deck and I keep a roll of TP in a ZipLoc bag in it- cat hole on a spoil bank/island.
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By Chaz
I second (and third and fourth) the scupper hole thing for guys. For the solid waste disposal, I always use a spoil island, make sure there's no one real close, dig a hole with my heel and there you go. Modesty isn't an issue...have you ever tried to see what another fisherman is doing at 100 yards distance? I always keep wet wipes in the tackle.

I got an earful about this since NeckyGirl wants to paddle more often but is faced with the realities of the human female condition. There is a device for women that allows them to pee standing up - looks like a funnel with a tube. For more details there is actually a book on the subject called "How To S___ in The Woods" - REI had it when I got my copy.
By Guest
I guess it depends on the kayak... if you are in a Ride or an Ambush, you can stand up and take care of business (if you are in an Ambush with a trolling motor and the game warden sees you, hopefully you'll have numbers and a whistle :wink: )... if you are in a Tarpon, shoot over the side or aim for a scupper hole. Hope this helps.
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By Beavis
This is hilarious!!! :lol:

Sometimes in the gulf, there's been known to lurk the elusive brown trout!
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By Mulletherder
#1 just go and then get out to wade. #2 I guess if you are really in a bind that front hatch could be usefull. :oops:
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By Flavio
One thing I learned from the military is lack of shame when it comes to toilet use. If you have to go, you have to go. Just whip it out or pull it down and let it go with all the undescency you can muster. No time to waste if the bite is on. Paddling to shore sometimes is too far and dangerous if it sneakes up on you. Worse accidents can occur on the water, but none will feel worse if it's #2 that you have to dispose of. If you jump out, make sure you walk as you open the hatch, and make sure you walk up current. Otherewise, well, you get the picture.

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