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Angler wrote: PB’s ever hassle you?

I don't think they intentionally hassle me, but it can be frustrating when you spend 30 minutes heading to the next rig and a minute before you arrive they pull up and tie on, denying you the spot. That happens a lot, and then they smile and wave as it everything is perfect. :? :lol:
I went out to the Bob Hall rig on Saturday and was joined by a ton of PBs. Most were coming up to the rig for 10 or 20 minutes and leaving after they didn't catching anything. I really believe the boat traffic slowed down the bit but I did manage to catch two kings. That rig is probably one of the most visited by PBs.
That rig is the most visible one from the Packery jetties, and will always be popular with boaters, and in shallow water the motor noise defiinitely slows down the bite. If they pull up and stop the motor the bite will come back pretty quickly, so I have made that suggestion to a few and if they comply I'll show them how to do what I am doing so they can catch more fish. "Catching flies with honey" makes the situation better and we all catch fish.
Well done. Everybody wins. Makes good sense too. Seems like the PB guys would figure this stuff out; about cutting the engine.

Any idea if a trolling motor using anchor lock would have a negative impact? I've been reading more and more PBs using that feature. I must confess that it might even be cool to try on a yak sometime.
I haven't noticed trolling motors having any perceptible impact on fish biting. Many PB operators will dismiss you or ignore advice, but sometimes they appreciate the suggestions and quickly realize that it does make a difference. They'll ask me how far back I troll my baits and they're always surprised that I catch fish 30 feet behind the kayak. It's outboard noise that makes it necesarry for them to pull baits so far back.
Agreed! I have taken my TM offshore a few times and it has no effect on the fish at the rigs by experience. I don't have or use spot lock. I use a rig hook I made from a golf club and bent wire at the end to form a loop and use bungees between the hook and tie off point to let the kayak move in and out easily on the waves. I've made it to the 5 miles rig and back on TM no problem.

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