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First of all thank you for taking the time to read my first post on this forum. I am new to the forum and have been lurking for months on several different topics.
I got a Nucanoe Unlimited so that I could take the wife out fishing at our normal freshwater spots and to also begin inshore fishing for the first time. The unlimited has been great because she has a bad shoulder and needs me to paddle, we are very very slow but with proper judgement we do just fine and don't get in any currents we can't beat.
So, on topic I am basically looking for some guidance on whether or not this kayak can do btb fishing. I have absolutely no experience in this and am basically wanting to know if it is even possible before I begin the next phase in my interest of btb fishing.
Also, I am also considering getting a small outboard on the kayak to help me get to some fishing spots and would like to know if it could also be usable btb. This is the outboard I am considering( https://www.kayakbuddys.com/ and ofcourse the conventional honda 2.3 outboard.
Any bit of advice would really be appreciated, as stated I'm new to this topic and any judgement is welcome :D
That is something I have considered and to be honest whether I use the outboard for anything that is not flat water will depend greatly on how stable my kayak turns out to be in those conditions. So far the stability has been impressive. That being said I would basically need to dry the spark plug and hope for the best after draining it. Worst case scenario I would be able to replace the small outboard motor (in this case a Honda GX50) and keep the assembled leg. So the outboard is not expensive and should be easy enough to service.
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I own the smaller, 11.5’ Nucanoe Flint and have taken it out BTB a few times in Galveston. This was using paddles only. IMHO, I would go with their pivot drive pedal system instead of a motor for the turtle reason already mentioned. Getting a fully loaded kayak out with 1-2 ft surf can be tricky. Been sitting on a fence about getting the pivot drive myself.
I agree that getting the pivot drive is the smarter decision. At this point and time I've been considering the outboard to get my wife out to better spots in the bays on calm days or to run up rivers. Seems like the outboard could be useful for those situations but If I want to do anything intense I need to invest in the pedals.
Well you got my attention with the new Unlimited! I think it is a pretty nice rig and what is nice the options are “ Unlimited”. It looks like you can swap out pretty easy from one to the other, if you have the $$.
As far as BTB as always the results are in the hands of the Captain.

Where did you get your Unlimited while I have you? Thanks
I ordered mine through tri-state trolling motor. They are a family owned business in Missouri. They did not have realistic availability dates and I waited a few months for the kayak. Overall they had nothing to do with the set back and shipped the kayak via ABF Freight and the pick-up process was easy.
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