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By GoDoe
I was down in June after the Big Feb freeze. It was sad to see all the Mangroves brown and leafless. It truly changed the landscape.

I did see some green coming back on a few scattered here and there and some were coming back from the roots. Post up what you are seeing now, please.

By SWFinatic
I haven't been down that way in a month or so. A couple of months ago I was around the lighthouse lakes area and also at Cove Harbor. I bumped into some at both areas and they were crispy, brittle and appeared to be dead. I have heard 2 reports of signs of new growth recently. As Ron said it'll take years for them to rebound. I'm not sure they will ever be what they were. The Mangroves that did die will have to deteriorate before new growth can do very well.
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By Ron Mc
Mangroves need fresh water discharge from the rivers.
Our wet summer was probably a boon for them.
But the general state of increasing Texas hill country groundwater use encroaching river discharge may ultimately kill both mangroves and mollusks in our bays.
As I've stated before, since 2003, Nueces River discharge has been below established 1994 EPA minimum discharge to protect bay health. If you drive by Labonte park, 98% of the time, Nueces River discharge is Zero. Guadalupe and Colorado are next.
Much of the estuary ecosystem is based on calcium from river discharge.
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