09-15-21 blast and cast

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09-15-21 blast and cast

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My first teal hunt in a while. Mornings have been so cool lately I decided it was time to get out for a blast and cast.

Got out a bit late. Several groups came in before I was set up. Had a spread of 11 decoys, plus had to get the yak situated and camoed up. By the time I was ready the action had slowed down. Still, my aim was on and I got 2, 2, 1, and 1 from the next four groups that came in. 9 shots, 6 birds. That took probably 45 minutes to an hour. Went to pick up my birds and also a little exploring. While I was out activity picked back up and several groups worked my decoys. I hadn't seen so many bluewings coming into a spread since I was a kid and my dad and I hunted flooded rice. I just ducked and let them work. Got some really good, close-up looks at the birds. It was awesome.

Packed up and paddled out to fish. Yak was cramped, and conditions weren't right to set the hunting gear aside, so I decided to just soak bait. Cast net yielded a few finger mullet, menhaden, and some small shrimp. Hooked into big reds right away. Smallest was 31" (in the photo, fish was only kept long enough to get on shore and take a pic). All the reds were super angry and put up long fights. Hooked a couple of drum. Smallest there was 36". Took photo of it. Beautiful barbels. I saw some flounder jumping after bait, so I paddled over and threw Chickenboys on a beater jighead. They weren't interested, but the drum in the photo was.

I'd like to get in another teal hunt or two, but season is short and the temps are supposed to rise again, so we'll see.
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