PINS trip report last weekend

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PINS trip report last weekend

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Headed down PINS Friday and woke up to great conditions on Sat. Plan was to go mostly bottom fish over structure, as I wanted some fish for the freezer. Surface temp was 81 degrees, water seemingly clear, but actually seemed pretty pea-green and dingy down below (I sent a gopro down to see). Not much of a current or water movement, relative to what it normally is.

Using jigs only, caught a variety of fish. Biggest was a 24" grey (mangrove) snapper. That one aside, most fish were smaller than I normally pick up out there. Bunch of smaller fish. Besides the big grey, I got one OK red snapper and a 16" trigger. Species caught: Grey snapper, red snapper, triggerfish, rock hinds (strawberry grouper), blue fish, various croakers and blue runners, and a decent bonito. Caught a ton of undersized snapper and triggerfish.

I only tried trolling for about 20 mins, and got one bonito to bite. Normally would be loaded up on kings. Overall bite was kind of slow and smaller fish though. Pelegics seemed to not be around or had lockjaw, but I wasn't trying too hard for them.

Cooler haul back to beach was 6 fish: mangrove, 2 red snapper, 2 grouper, 1 trigger.

Made snapper ceviche for evening supper on the beach, to the victor the spoils.

I was planning on fishing again on Sunday morning, but I was pretty shelled when i got back due to lack of sleep and effort of the day. Sunday morning was dead calm seas, but looked somewhat ominous offshore with dark clouds. Add all that up and I decided to bail on fishing and just relaxed, beach combed for awhile and headed out and back home by 5pm Sun.
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Re: PINS trip report last weekend

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Yeah that last pic is just pure torture!! LOOKS SO YUM!!

Congrats on the catches!

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Re: PINS trip report last weekend

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Sounds (reads) like a great trip to me. I spent many a week-end camping and surf fishing. PINS is truly a national treasure. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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Re: PINS trip report last weekend

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Thanks for the report. how do you go about locating structure to fish on the PINS?
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