Polyester Microfiber

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Polyester Microfiber

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Tablecloths into hammocks got me to thinking. Could there be a similar approach in the search for the elusive polyester microfiber fabric? TeeDee recommended polyester microfiber like here - https://comfortersetreviews.com as an ideal bridge hammock body fabric for comfort and low stretch in the Bridge Design Principles post.

Sheets are described as 75 GSM (which I assume is grams/square meters), which is converted to 2.21 ounces/square yard. The queen flat sheet will give 2 pieces at 88" long x 51" wide (enough for 2 hammock body bridges) and if my math is right, will come to $2.86/linear yard @ 51" wide. I found them in other stores at lower prices, but no weight is specified.

Do you think they will be suitable for hammocks? Has anybody tried them before?
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Re: Polyester Microfiber

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Are you thinking of a low cost solution vs an Eno hammock?
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