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By katzig
Went to the Airport Park this morning, looking for a place to fish that is somewhat protected from the wind, it was for about 50 ft. from the shoreline, worked my way towards Redfish point, hitting all my favorite Trout spots, caught 4 dinks, decided to work the bank for reds and flounder, on about my third cast I got a good fish on, a nice 20 in flounder, peddled back to where I got the hook up, cast back in the same area, wham another nice fish on, fought him for awhile and he surfaced by the kayak, nice flounder, he must have seen me to because he makes a run for a boat dock, and circles a post, and winds around the post. Line breaks, so I retie and continue down the shore line, after about 30 minutes and many casts I finally get another hit, Nice Red, get him in the net, take his picture, release him, Last fish for the day, Water is still very dirty, I'm beginning to believe that freeze really hurt the Trout here at Rockport, Reds and Flounder survived,
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By saltykat
[quote="katzig"] I'm beginning to believe that freeze really hurt the Trout here at Rockport, Reds and Flounder survived

Good informative report and nice flounder. I'm retiring at the end of the year and was going to move to Rockport but decided on Galveston because of that very reason :cat:
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By Dandydon
We welcome your planned return to Galveston, Saltykat. The trout fishing has been off, and we need you to put us on some Big Girl specks and throw out some of your special fish buoys.

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By Dandydon
Nobody knows East Matagorda Bay in a kayak like the Saltykat. About 6 years ago he led the Hobie Navy over there on a trip w/ limits of specks to about 26 inches. Caught several slot reds as well. Shoffer & I were impressed.

The Kat would find the gamefish, land a couple, then throw out a marker bouy for the rest of us. Epic day on the saltwater.

But can he do it again? Yassir.

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