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One thing I have learned over the last 8 years or so kayak fishing, is to keep pushing...keep going...you'll eventually run into the fish. Of course that doesn't always work out but it has worked out plenty of times to save my trip. I couldn't count how many times I've kept pushing as far as the marsh & time let me and came across some great fishing. I've ran into huge schools of reds pushing back into the marsh and great catches to make the time & effort worth it. This trip I spent 3 hours on the water and not a single bite, no predator fish activity of any kind. And then in a lake I saw birds...1st birds I've seen all day diving and diving. They were diving on a big school of shrimp and specs were coming out of the water chasing the shrimp. It was 40 minutes of nonstop fun that saved the trip.
Video Link Below
Great job staying out and persevering. Shoffer and I were out earlier this year and nothing for hours until we found a school of bull reds under some birds late in the day. But man staying out there and hunting can be so worth it. And nothing like a bunch of double hook ups to make your day.

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