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By Tombo
Launched at the Corpus side of the causeway before sun up. Lot of small trout action at end of the pier due to large projection light on the water with some keepers. Paddled under the causeway to fish the debris from old causeway. Water was high so was hard to locate the concrete . Note, beware of waves popping up from ships in the Corpus Christi ship cannel way off in the distance. Move to the bird island but no fish. Paddled to the long cut other side of newly constructed condo's and found some willing Redfish at the end along the shoreline. went back out to the bay and fished to the left along the rocky shoreline. Caught one fish but it was worth it. About a 25" trout on a wake lure. All in all was a good day, we just have to keep moving to find fish.
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By Dandydon
Congratulations, Tombo, on catching that big speck and the Redfish. I favor fishing around the full & dark moon phases to take advantage of the good tide movement.

Next time shoot us an action photo so we can vicariously enjoy your catch. Our Hobie Navy man Watson says show a picture or go home...

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By Tombo
I would have taken a picture but the big girl was out of the water too long due to the tangled mess of two treble hooks. There is a video from a friend , Clean Fun Fishing on youtube. My trout is at the end of the video and explains better where we were.
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