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By Garrett891
Hi Everyone,
I picked up a new transom trolling motor so thought I’d go out to Turtle Bay and try my luck trolling the shoreline down to Sartwelle Lakes. I was hoping to run into a school of reds somewhere along the way but nada, only a few rats and small trout. I’ve never fished the area so followed birds when they were diving and then would go back to cruising shore. Since I never fished the area I was under the impression Buttermilk Slough was available to cruise into to look for reds however, that was not case from what I saw at least :/.

Can someone elaborate on this location more and your experience with it if you have any? Where did I go wrong? I was using live shrimp and caught a few, just nothing noteworthy. Is it too early in the Fall? Cause I really expected this location to produce!

In addition, could someone explain the migration process of the reds? I thought spawning was over so they would begin coming into shallower bays and marsh systems for the winter? Granted today was everything but cold, but some detailed knowledge of this process would be helpful cause now I’m not entirely sure how it is working. What factors are involved in finding these fish school up, cause on paper, Sartwelle looks like a great hideout for them. P.S. was just using the traditional cork and shrimp and would float into the mouths of the current near the entrance of the marshes that popped up.

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