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By Sheriff_Bart
I'm new to kayaking and have my eye on a Hobie Outback. However, I'm a little concerned about the weight capacity. I'm 265 lbs. Hobie's website says the seat capacity is 275 and total capacity is 425. I've seen around the web that you and your gear should be under 60-70% of the total capacity. With how close I am to the seat capacity and 60-70% of total capacity (depending which you use), I'm wondering if I should just choose a different kayak. Does anyone around my size have experience in the Outback?
By SWFinatic

I've fished out of a 2020 Outback several times. I'm usually between 210 and 215 so not quite the same weight but I have had the kayak loaded down with gear including an Igloo 48 quart cooler with 20 lbs of ice, fishing gear and about a 20 lb. anchor and the kayak was no different than just me in it by myself. Only concern I would have with the seat in terms of capacity is sometimes if you change from a standing position to a sitting position we have a tendency to plop down in the seat pretty hard (at least I do lol). Maybe use some caution if doing this but otherwise those seats are solid.
By mwatson71
You’ll be fine in the Outback, especially if you are inshore. I mostly fish out of a Revo (weight limit 350) and I push the 70% limit when loaded. I also fish out of an Outback and I feel that there is little difference in it other than the width.
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By saltykat
Everyone has their own opinion. Being a big guy I think Bart will be disappointed with anything else. I've had over 20 kayaks most of them hobie. I can't fish out of any kayak but a PA and I'm not as big as Bart. I've pulled the drive and poled my PA in shallow water. To me nothing comes close its easy to move with a cart and a pickup truck. You should go to demo days and try them both before you buy :cat:
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By Sheriff_Bart
Thanks, everyone, for the feedback. I've looked for upcoming demo days and haven't found any. Seems like most stores don't even have any Hobies in stock these days.

My main concern with the PA is price - for just starting out, I was already on the edge of my budget with the Outback. Maybe it's best I just hold off until I can try them both out and save up a little more.
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By shoffer
So, when I first started kayak fishing, I weighed 230 lbs, and I liked to load down my boat with gear. I had a 2013 Outback for years and never had an issue with room or flipping. I stayed inshore, however, but I did take it BTB three or four times and turtled once coming into the surf, but that's BTB.

I now have a 2018 Outback and never had any issues either. I have also dropped 35 pounds, which makes it much roomier, stable and overall, a more enjoyable experience.

If budget is an issue, you really should try both boats out. One idea is to meet up with a willing member and try out their boat. If you wanted to meet me at a launch at some point and get in my Outback for a spin after a trip, I'd be happy to let you demo it. Do the same with someone who has a PA and you can do your own demo day. It's a little more work and takes some planning, but what the hell. I have heard a rumor that the one and only SaltyKat will be spending some of the winter down here, and he should have his PA, and I hope to get out with him at least once, so maybe you can kill two birds with one stone.

My other advice is to buy used while you are getting into it. I started out in 2009 with a paddle kayak I got for 300 bucks, learned how to rig them up, and got my feet wet in this fun pastime. A year later, I bought a Revo used, and learned how to handle Hobies, which led me to realize that an Outback was the craft for me. Though I have been blessed and budget is not so much of an issue for me, even my current Outback I bought used. The deal was just too good. Buying used gives you more time to see what you like and don't like about a craft. If it does not work out for you, you can always sell it. Hobies hold their value very well - just ask Saltykat. That dude would flip Hobies for profit all the time. And with the tight supply, it is a seller's market (which I know makes them hard to find, but sounds like you have some time).
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By saltykat
I know you will be happy with it. Shoffer posted a great deal on a hobie pa14 in the kayaks and gear for sale its not his but if you haven't found one get I would jump on that deal. Good luck

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