Kayak for a big guy!

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Kayak for a big guy!

Post by lekynnb »

Hello all! New guy here in the Corpus Christi area looking for some advice on a kayak! I'm 6'1 and 260 pounds and looking for something that will be stable for me to fish out of. Right now, I'm in a lifetime tamarack that I got as a gift but looking for something a little bigger for me. I want to go with a peddle drive. What are some good options to go with? I have looked at the Old Town Bigwater pdl 132 and Hobie PAs.
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Re: Kayak for a big guy!

Post by SWFinatic »

Welcome! I always go by the 75% rule and that is only load your kayak to 75% of it's listed weight capacity. If my math is correct your weight plus 40 pounds of tackle, gear, cooler, etc. using 75% rule your looking at a kayak with at least 400 pounds weight capacity which gives you a lot of options. You want peddle drive but first you have to figure out what type of peddle drive. Rotary (bicycle) style like the Old Town's have or the flipper style like the Hobie's have. Then are you fishing in water deep enough to use your peddle drive (16" or deeper). If fishing the back lakes for reds you won't be able to use your peddle drive all the time and will have to paddle the kayak. If that's the case I would stay away from the 130 plus pound super wide kayaks they're not fun to paddle.

Here's a few to consider- Old Town Sportsman 120 PDL, Hobie Outback, Hobie Compass, Native Slayer Max, Bonfide P127. There's also the Lighting Kayaks Strike which has the flipper style peddle drive and is the most economical of the ones I listed. If you're in Corpus stop by Roy's they have or did have a pretty good selection. Also check the seat capacity on the kayak you choose and make sure you're good.
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Re: Kayak for a big guy!

Post by Neumie »

Not much to add to SWFinatic's post, good information there.

I grew up fishing the Rockport area and went to college at TAMU-CC, so I have thousands of hours on the waters in the area you're wanting to fish. I paddle, but have used pedal drives around the coast. If I were wanting a pedal kayak for the bays around Corpus I would look hard at Hobie. The fin drive system is still the best if you end up fishing shallow (around knee deep or less) compared to all the propeller driven drives.

In shallow waters you can feather the fins and still get enough forward momentum, whereas propeller drives become inoperable. Fin drives all you have to really do is fold the fins flat against the bottom of the hull in shallow water and don't have to remove the drive system. Propeller drives you almost have to remove the entire unit, which is cumbersome.

Having said that, there's a plenty of water deep enough around Corpus for any pedal drive to be used for most the water you'll cover on a fishing trip. Places like the backside of Mustang Island (Shamrock Cove East Flats) or over in Aransas Pass (Lighthouse Lakes or B&R Flats) you'll probably paddle more than pedal in those areas.

I would look at the Hobie Outback or the simpler Compass. Roys and Fin Factory are two great kayak shops and worth a visit.
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Re: Kayak for a big guy!

Post by Techsas Jim »

I have my Jackson Cuda up for sale in the classified section.

I am 6'4" and 240 and usually had quite a bit of gear in the yak. Always stayed high and dry and is ridiculously stable.

Just something to think about...
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Re: Kayak for a big guy!

Post by motoyak »

People seem to overlook the Pelican Catch pedal drive. It uses the Hobie style fins. I can attest to the durability of the hull as it has blown off my truck at 65 mph and came out with only scratches. At half the price of the others mentioned here, Id definitely give it a whirl.
Im your size and have the Catch paddle model converted to motorized and have been overjoyed at its performance.
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Re: Kayak for a big guy!

Post by loonycamp »

I am a small guy, but fish with my wife on a tandem. I think the other suggestions on here are better for 99% of people. But some people really like Nucanoe. Its worth having a look at their models if stability and shallow draft are your priorities bc their pedal drive system has retract system and it will also kick up on its own if you hit an obstacle.
We have the unlimited and can't go as far or as fast as other kayaks, but we are about to put a trolling motor on it.
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Re: Kayak for a big guy!

Post by Kayak Kid »

I've never owned a Hobie kayak, cause I'm a dedicated paddler, as if to say, paddling is one of the main reasons I fish from a kayak. However, I've spent a good deal of time in a Hobie peddle drive, and while it paddles like a bathtub, I found its peddle performance (with the reverse feature),to be excellent. I've owned several of Hobie's sail boats, and can attest to the company's superior construction, attention to detail, and their customer service. There are many good kayaks on the market, but you can't go wrong with a Hobie. As an aside, I've known many a Hobie owner, and never met one that didn't love his yak.
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