WTB: Kraken Plano Box

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WTB: Kraken Plano Box

Post by Duster_BB »

Bought a used Jackson Kraken, but it didn't come with the stock black plano box that goes behind the seat in the gear track.

Figured it's worth a shot to see if there are any out there willing to sell before I look for alternatives and/or DIY.

Can pickup in Houston, but shipping is also fine if needed.
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Re: WTB: Kraken Plano Box

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You might check with Kayak Fishing Supplies. They don’t seem to be a Jackson dealer any longer but do offer a pump kit for the Jackson K-Krate. They might have one left if it is the Krate you are looking for. The Plano box is just a branded Plano ammo box. The Krate is rotomolded plastic so it is heavy and a bit too convenient to store a bunch of stuff…the extra rod holders are nice though.

An Engel cooler will fit in the tank well and be much lighter. Pretty easy to add rod holders to these coolers.

I got my Kraken new in 2019 and it came with the Krate. This was right at the time they were discontinuing the Kraken and had stopped producing the Plano box. I was aggravated at the time, but it would have just been something to put more crap in and add weight.
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Re: WTB: Kraken Plano Box

Post by BlackRifle »

I technically have one in the garage if you'd like.. Did I sell you a green Kraken a few years ago?? :lol:

All it is is..
https://www.amazon.com/Plano-Ammunition ... 107&sr=8-2

with a riveted 90* plastic piece and a 1" Ram ball

https://www.amazon.com/RAM-MOUNTS-RAP-B ... 104&sr=8-5
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