Jet ski trailer modification

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Jet ski trailer modification

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Hey, what’s going on everyone. Did a lot of grinding and welding yesterday to get to this point haha, first question is, the wood is not treated. What should I use on it to last longer and prevent it from rotting fast. Second question is should I add a center support to keep it from bowing, I plan to add pvc above both fenders.
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Re: Jet ski trailer modification

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Maybe a varnish or shellac to the wood would be a good idea. Whatever they use on outdoor decking, perhaps also? Thompsons water seal?
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Re: Jet ski trailer modification

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You used wood made for dry conditions for an outside project. Paint or varnish will make it look good but moisture will get in and cause warping and rotting. Obviously, nothing lasts forever so pretty it up and have fun. I suspect it'll need replacing in a couple years. Treated lumber may double the lifespan
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Re: Jet ski trailer modification

Post by Endo »

Just go buy some treated wood and use that instead. It will be less effort and cost less, certainly over time.

Painting/varnishing wood won't last. Treated wood will last +10 years or more on a trailer even if kept outside in the elements all the time.

Also, if I could make a suggestion, having two small blocks of 2x4 as the risers will be unstable and less durable...they will eventually split and crack. Much better is to use 4x4 blocks for that and make them longer than 4-6 inches in length. 12" each is better as an example and more structurally sound/durable.

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Re: Jet ski trailer modification

Post by Yakety_Yak »

I recommend unistrut in place of the wood. I have this on my trailer and I have had it since my trailer was brand new back in 2017 until now. I added it immediately when I bought the trailer. The unistrut has oxidized some but it's still in great shape. Call at your convenience if you have questions. I'm happy to talk fishing with anyone. 832-588-7091
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