*****BOB HALL PIER - BTB, JULY 15th, SATURDAY, 2023*****

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Re: *****BOB HALL PIER - BTB, JULY 15th, SATURDAY, 2023*****

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I'm in. I'll be using my Hobie Island this year. So, all of you Hobie Island sailors, I know you are out there, join in on the fun. If this actually happens on July 15th, I'll have my 6 year old with me. He's a veteran salt water fisherman (for his age).
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Re: *****BOB HALL PIER - BTB, JULY 15th, SATURDAY, 2023*****

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Please add me! My name is Marco Lai. I have fished BTB near shore for bull reds and sharks over the years, but I haven't tried kingfish at the rigs. I got a pedal kayak last year so I feel that I'm better prepared now. I have a few questions I hope someone can answer:

1. What lures should I buy? I have pre-made kingfish leaders that I use for small sharks. Are those ok to use with lures?

2. I have caught ribbonfish at the jetties, but I have never fish with them. Are they a must for this trip? Can I buy pre-made ribbonfish rigs? How do I rig the ribbonfish on the rigs?

3. Should I get tackle for other species?

4. Is a fish bag necessary?

I don't live near the coast so my BTB trips are very limited. I don't want to break the bank for gear I would use on rare occasions :)

Thanks in advance,
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