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New to the forum

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Looks like I'm about 5 years late to this forum lol, but I'm relatively new to the area, even newer to kayak fishing. I've managed to find a few spots in the north part of Fort Worth, but am looking for anyone that would like to tag along whenever I get the yak out for a early Saturday morning/late weekday afternoon paddle. Mainly fishing Grapevine lake right now but have branched out and found several spots that look very promising for different parts of the year. If anyone's interested in tagging along and maybe even showing me some stuff, I'd very much enjoy it, just let me know
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Re: New to the forum

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Never too late to join, Chris.
I would love to accompany you fishing, but, I live in Houston, and I somehow got too freakin' old to kayak.
However, i'm full of info and would not hesitate to give you my opinion on most fishing topics...,or direct you to someone who can.
Check out the Dallas chapter of "Heroes on The Water". You will find it to be a most rewarding way to pay back our veterans for what
they have done for us.
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