Crescent yaks out there anywhere?

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Crescent yaks out there anywhere?

Post by mickeyd »

Looking at the Crescent kayaks made in Georgia(Carolina?) by the Bonafide folks. Any input from anyone that has tried or used these boats----the Ultralite or the Lite Tackle? Impressive decking and the Ultra is really light for car-topping or quick load up and go.
Comparing these to the Tarpon 120 and/or the Skimmer models but maybe this is an apples to oranges attempt.
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Re: Crescent yaks out there anywhere?

Post by SWFinatic »

I haven't seen any but I would think they will be a hot item before long especially for those car topping and looking for something under $1K. I think they concentrated on getting their Solo Skiff marketed and selling well then rolled out other lines. Looks like a solid kayak and from what I hear paddles well.

From what I understand the Crescent kayaks are molded at the Bonafide factory then assembled at the Cresent Factory in Georgia. I could be wrong tho.
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Re: Crescent yaks out there anywhere?

Post by Neumie »

I don't have any first hand experiences with Crescent kayaks other than if I were in the market for an under $1K kayak with lots of features, they're pretty high on the list. Chris Payne has some very thorough reviews of the LiteTackle and the Ultra Light. Here's a good side by side review of both kayaks by Headwaters Kayak:

The only thing I'll add is from what I've read is the LiteTackle has some hull slap.

As far as production in 2018 Crescent Kayaks had a massive fire which destroyed their factory in Georgia. Bonafide stepped up and an agreement was made for Bonafide to produce Crescent kayaks at their factory in South Carolina. Crescent is/was rebuilding but I don't know if they've moved back to their own facilities.
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Re: Crescent yaks out there anywhere?

Post by Fishon2 »

Not new to yak fishing but just, bringing this old post back to life. Any owners on TKF? Interested in what model you own and any real experience with performance and quality. Thanks
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