Any one need a fishing buddy?

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Any one need a fishing buddy?

Post by Jerry-rigged »

As of today at 2:15 I will join the ranks of the unemployed. :( Bummer, but at least I don't have an excuse to not go fishing. Anyone want to go fishing mid-week? :D
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Post by Birdsnest »

Sorry to hear the bad news. Good luck on the job front, and make sure you post pics of all the big fish you catch during the week!
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Post by Blindcasting »

Jerry - I'm planning on hitting AP on Tuesday.

PM me if you are interested.
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bad news indeed

Post by WideGlide »

Hate to hear the bad news with the way the job market is right now, I'm sure that everyone will wish you luck in finding something new. In the meantime you have all day Friday to spend out at the FTU demo day and meet some of the guys from the board.

See ya there.
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Keep looking at the bright side

Post by Gig'em »

That's the spirit, Jerry-rigged! Enjoy your time off from the rat race while you are in between jobs. Here's wishin' you a bigger salary with better perks!
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Post by livetofish »

Hey Tkf Clay,
maybe it is time we started a "looking for jobs" or "jobs available" section. At least, we can help our members point to the right jobs, so that they can pay for their habits.

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Post by Coastalrookie »

Sorry to hear about the job. I recently took up saltwater fishing and have been fishing on Wednesdays. Your welcome to join, I generally fish around Bolivar and Galveston.
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